We invite you to take part in Christmas projects for 2000 children

About project

At present, when children hear explosions and shots, when they urgently need to “break away” from their place and run to basements and shelters, when they go far from home and meet strangers, when they lose loved ones and cannot lead a full-fledged image life, children still have a need and a search for fulfillment of their childhood dreams, wishes for a holiday, a sense of joy and expectation of a gift.
Christmas is always associated with a miracle, a sense of celebration, a festive table, a festively decorated city, a house, a room, and, of course, a gift.

Christmas for the children of Ukraine this year will be completely different for many reasons:
1. Many children will celebrate Christmas not at home, having left the occupied territory or from the war zone. And most of these children no longer have homes, they have nowhere to return.
2. Parents are not able to arrange a holiday for their children, as they are concerned about solving everyday problems (housing, food, heat in the apartment, finding a livelihood, etc.).
3. Many parents are still in a state of stress, many have relatives in the war zone, so the unrest does not stop. In addition, the situation throughout Ukraine remains unsafe.
4. Many children are left behind in the war zone or areas close to it. These children do not even have the most necessary for their safety and life - heat, light, water, food, medicines. Many children can spend Christmas in basements or dilapidated houses.
Many of our volunteers work not only to help IDP families, but, risking their lives, deliver the most necessary assistance even to unsafe places.
Our goal: on Christmas Eve to bring the atmosphere of the holiday into the life of children. We invite you to take part in the Christmas

Projects for 2,000 children (1,000 IDP children) and 1,000 children from war zones.

What will be included in the gift set for an IDP child: sweets (sweets, fruits, cookies), children's toy / game, personal hygiene / blanket.
The cost of 1 set is 700 UAH. (20 EUR/USD).

What will be included in the set for children from the war zone: sweets (sweets, cookies, fruits), children's toy / game, personal hygiene / blanket / blanket, warm scarves, socks / mittens / hats.
The cost of 1 set is 1200 UAH. (35 EUR/USD).
We hope and believe that together we will be able to create such a long-awaited atmosphere of the Christmas holiday for children.