"When you serve others, your heart is healed. I encourage you to sow good seeds by serving others. And you can understand that the life you transform is your own."

Nick Vujicic

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June,  2023

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Щоденник волонтера | Юрій Федоров
Херсон. Ще один будинок відновили
Щоденник волонтера | Наталія Хороших
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Ось вона - робота волонтера
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About our team

The Volunteer Center "Help Step" - is a joint project of the charitable foundation "Step with Hope" and the volunteer association SLOV. This is an all-Ukrainian movement of people who are not indifferent to the misfortune of others, united by a desire to help, and inspiring each other with every step they take to change life for the better.

Our mission is to make volunteering a norm and a lifestyle of every Ukrainian.

We are ready to do our best so that every person - a child or an adult who needs help from volunteers, can receive this help, so that he is not alone, so that he feels support and care.

We are also ready to do our best so that every person who wants to do something good can find their own deed according to their liking and become a volunteer helping people in need.

"We may not be able to save everyone we would like to. But we will save much more than those who do not even try ..." - P. Scott

We sincerely believe that together we can make this world a better place, because even one good deed is capable of changing the country, society and the whole world for the better.

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You are our person if you know how to empathize and believe that big things start from small. We invite you to join our friendly team and make the world a better place together!

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Want to help but don't have the time? Then perhaps you will be interested in investing in the development of the volunteer movement?

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Representing the interests of the center, talking about our initiatives, news and projects, looking for and finding support among as many people as possible - this is what the ambassador's mission will be

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