Comprehensive psychosocial support (in collaboration with HIA)

Comprehensive psychosocial support for victims of hostilities in Ukraine

About project

Joint project with the Hungarian Ecumenical Relief Service
The main goal of the project: Improving the psychological state, restoring the dignity of the victims through versatile psychosocial assistance and physiological rehabilitation programs in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.

Design goals:
1. Carrying out group psychosocial activities for victims (adults and children),
2. Individual consultations of trainers of psychologists.
3. Provision of physiological and psychological rehabilitation services for victims in order to overcome the consequences of stress and traumatic events.
The massage will last up to 40 minutes on average. Then food and fellowship.

Also in the project, it is planned to leave mobile teams to help victims in neighboring regions of the Dnieper: in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kharkiv regions. Meetings with specialists will be held at resettlement centers or shelters. They will be provided with psychosocial support, as well as massage, if we have such a request from the centers for IDPs.

The described activities are very valuable and effective. Psychological support (individual and group) together with massage "make miracles". In fact, the proposed practice is very effective in relieving stress and helping people open up, begin to experience emotions, and focus on values. Our team considers a person as a combination of physical, social, mental and spiritual. Therefore, it is an integrated approach that helps better in recovery and rehabilitation.