Change your life for the better

The “Change Your Life for the Better” project is aimed at comprehensive work with each member of the SJO family (families in difficult life circumstances). The project will allow family members to see an alternative and change their priorities.

About project

If you grew up in a prosperous family, then this project is for you. If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, then this project is for you. If you did not have a family, then this project is also for you. The key word is FAMILY, or rather the influence that it has on the worldview of the individual, on the formation of the individual, on the entire society, which consists of individuals who come from the family. We understand that, first of all, we must work with families. Especially with families with children. Especially with dysfunctional families with children. The Internet can provide many links for the query: “The influence of family on personality.” You can also find a lot of statistical data, including childhood statistics, after which you understand that many children in Ukraine do not have this childhood. Every 75 children in Ukraine are raised in a boarding school. Every 3rd child grows up without a father. Every three days, 250 children end up in residential institutions, mainly due to poverty and the inability of the family to provide the child with the basic necessities. At least 600 thousand children live in dysfunctional families, and they, in fact, “stand in line” to get into boarding schools. Therefore, we think that you will respond to our offer to take an active part in the implementation of the “Change Life for the Better” project, which is aimed at comprehensive work with each member of the SJO family (families in difficult life circumstances). A small observation: families where there is a fact of trouble often do not go beyond their surroundings and simply do not know another life. The Change Your Life for the Better project will allow family members to see an alternative and change their priorities. The duration of the project is 6 months, during which the target audience: children and families in difficult life situations will take part in a competition consisting of 3 rounds. The winners of the competition will create programs to get their families out of the crisis and receive financial support for the implementation of these programs. Writing an anti-crisis program for your family will help each participant not only see an alternative, but actively seek this alternative. Having seen a different reality for their family, the participants simply do not want to return to their previous life. Each family will be worked with for six months according to an individual plan. A set of measures will be aimed at the development of each family in the following areas: Development of the correct family model - principles of family relationships, family values, family maintenance, care and education of children. Developing new skills - relationships, work, caring, raising a family, getting out of difficult life situations. Assistance in acquiring a profession. Motivation to preserve the family (children) and improve the family atmosphere. Gaining skills in effective housekeeping, hygiene, family budget planning, obtaining basic knowledge on legal and other issues (master classes, specialist consultations). Motivational meetings will be organized with people who can inspire positive changes in life, as well as with families who have positive experience in overcoming the crisis. The center has experience working with SHO families, developed proprietary methods and programs, has a staff of specialists and trainers, and has established working relationships with the city’s social services. Material support is needed to implement this project. An amount of 700 euros will provide six months of work with 1 family (taking into account the prize fund for the implementation of the anti-crisis program). The project will have a positive effect with 7 participating families. The amount of 4900 euros will change the lives of 7 families and give them financial assistance for a successful start. Details for supporting the project: UA 313052990000026008050276317, CB PRAVATBANK, MFO: 305299, BO ICF “Krok s nadєyu”, organization code (EDRPOU): 39442574 currency account 26000050249450 Contacts: project coordinator: Natalya, 067 98 45 785