Our underground

16 March, 2023

The Left Bank welcomes you. We issue grocery sets. Thank you Mennonite Central Committee International Organization for your dedication and constancy. Thanks to your help, we can support people every day, give out products and necessary household items, provide psychological help, support youth and children. Thanks to you, we made it today. Let's do it tomorrow! You can always support the fund financially in a convenient way for you: On the fund's website, by clicking the "Donate" button https://help-step.org/ Details of the Charitable Fund. Charitable Organization. International Charitable Foundation "Step with Hope" account UA043052990000026033050210672 STEP WITH HOPE MBF EDRPOU 39442574 EUR account UA743052990000026039050207656 STEP WITH HOPE MBF EDRPOU 39442574 USD Current account UA313052990000026008050276317 STEP WITH HOPE MBF EDRPOU 39442574 UAH May the Lord bless you. #нивийний #нивийнивукраійни #тутдопомога #помогабиженцям #допомогабиженцямднипро #допоможемразом