Our psychological groups

21 March, 2023

The "Step with Hope" Foundation invites you to enroll your children in children's classes. And while the children will be VERY interested in spending time, you will be able to rest your soul a little. We also organize classes for adults. Do something with your hands, engage in art therapy, talk about useful topics. I think that, for example, the topic - Mobilizing your inner resource will be interesting for everyone, especially now, when everyone is almost completely exhausted by that damn war. And if this program will also help to stabilize the emotional background, it will help to conquer negative thoughts and anxiety. Do not delay, apply!!! Write to us We go through these programs ourselves and thanks to this we have the resources to help you. In the photos - classes with children and some of our volunteers. May the Lord bless you. #нивийний #нивийнивукраійни #тутдопомога #помогабиженцям #допомогабиженцямднипро #допоможемразом