"Island" 2022. The beginning of the war. Help in war zones.


"Island" Part 1.1 "SOS" …---…
Do you know what the abbreviation "SOS" means?
Yes, it's a distress call in ancient Morse radio language, meaning "SAVE OUR SOULS." Since 1906, this signal has not ceased on our Earth, tormented by tragedy. Transforming over time and becoming digital, it has not lost its essence - a call for help.
On May 20, 2022, an "SOS signal" was received in the Red Zone from the "Island" of the village. Pechenegs, Chuguevsky district, Kharkov region We were separated by 300 km. But the team of the Dnipropetrovsk charitable foundation "STEP WITH HOPE" with the support of the Adventist Christian Church, made a quick decision to send a humanitarian "expedition" to help its residents and the surrounding villages. This is a frontline zone with active hostilities. What we had to face and what to go through, read on…
P.S. I invite everyone to participate in my project "Volunteers of the Red Zones".
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