"Island" 2022. The beginning of the war. Help in war zones.

About project

Due to numerous requests from friends, I decided to start covering my volunteer work and project -
"Volunteers of the red zones".
"Island" Part 1
What associations do you have with the word island?
I remember the definition from school: an ISLAND is a small piece of land, surrounded on all sides by water (seas, oceans, rivers ...). From childhood movies, I learned about their diversity: “Treasure Island”, “Island of Bad Luck”, “Island of Mistakes”, “Island of Unlearned Lessons”, etc. And in the summer, on vacation, they played Robinsons with the boys, mastering the islands on the river ....
But the war came on 02/24/22 and introduced a new definition: "ISLE" is a settlement, on all sides of which bridges were blown up.
It is difficult to describe the first weeks of confusion experienced by the inhabitants of the "Islands" and those who wanted to get to them. You are cut off from the mainland without the possibility of bringing food and medicines, without an ambulance, without transport evacuation. Without the ability to get to their parents or children to help them.
It was SHOCK!
About one of these "Islands" and about the "Robinsons", who had to survive in the new realities of the 21st century, against the backdrop of active hostilities, and about the volunteers helping them, and most importantly about God protecting us all, I will share in my essays .
P.S. I invite everyone to participate in my project "Volunteers of the Red Zones". For questions, write to Messenger, Telegram @ZaikinVlalimir,