Diary of a Red Zone Volunteer

About project

October 5th.
De-occupied territory. Great Burluk (Kharkiv region)
A real surprise awaited us in this village, we went to visit a family with 7 children.
These are adopted children and their mother, a teacher, brings up such a family herself, five more, already adults, live separately.
All the children were very happy when they received our food packages.
And I wanted to give them some joy, so I invited them to participate in our project. They were given the task of drawing two drawings, the first on the theme "My family" and the second on the theme "My dream", after which, at the next meeting, they will receive gifts for their drawings (children's backpacks and a drawing set).
Then there will be the second stage of the project and new gifts for Christmas.
So we fill their military everyday life with small childhood joys and pleasant memories ... (photo 1).

October 5th.
De-occupied territory, Novaya Aleksandrovka settlement (Kharkiv region)
When we drove into the center of the village, where all its inhabitants were already waiting for us, I noticed one woman with a child in her arms. Coming closer, I saw two more children at her feet, they timidly kept near their mother and were in no hurry to smile ...
We took her to the car, where we had personal hygiene products and diapers.
Having received such help and food, mommy thanked us very much, because in the village for the seventh month now there has been no electricity, no water, no gas, and the cold has begun ... (photo 4,5).

October 5th.
Liberated territory.
In the Shevchenkovsky district, which is near Kupyansk (Kharkiv region), I met an old friend who also has many children and we were able to help him and his neighbors, and so he told me a story that looks like this:
- when in the first days of the war the troops of the Russian Federation occupied his village, the village boys, over time, began to get used to the events.
Since the district road passed through the village, military equipment constantly drove through it day and night into the depths of the region ...
On one of the sunny days in the third month of the war, children in sports excitement play football in the schoolyard, and in the background the military of the Russian Federation is driving non-stop along the district road: armored vehicles, fuel trucks, tractors, trucks with infantry, multiple rocket launchers, landing on tanks on armor ... under the roar of engines and the clang of tracks ...
and the boys shout “hit the corner! … pass!, … come in from the right!...” the ground trembles under your feet, and they are all in the game, as if there is no war… because the front is far away.
And now, when their village is near the front line, the streets are empty again.
Again, everyone is hiding in their houses and cellars - the boys are scared of explosions, because now on the road and on the roadsides ... burnt tanks and armored vehicles ...

10 October.
Nikopol. Dnepropetrovsk region.
The front-line city is large in area, the line of demarcation runs along a wide river-reservoir.
Every day under fire...
Our volunteer - Vyacheslav in the evenings after work, delivers targeted assistance - our food kits and hygiene, around the city. On the morning of the 10th, he called and said that at night there was a rocket arrival at the house opposite.
There were wounded, one of whom was a 6-year-old child and his mother. They were taken to the Dnepr hospital to the Mechnikov Institute.

It's hard for me to write this .... but the child was left without legs ...

Unfortunately, there are many such cases, it’s just that this one became close, because they were neighbors from the same yard ...
What I write next is not a secret, just personal information.
Vyacheslav, a volunteer from Nikopol, called in the morning and told all the details, asked to transfer money (which he was supposed to compensate for travel expenses) to
bank card of the mother of this child. Well, I also added ... (photo 2,3).